Blair Williams

Using AJAX in WordPress
Blair is a seasoned Web Developer. He’s written hundreds of plugins for WordPress–including plugins like Pretty Link Pro, MemberPress & Affiliate Royale … and for projects for clients like FranklinCovey, Mail.com and AMC TV.

Adam Dunford

Does This Theme Make My Website Look Fat?
Adam makes websites and applications better through UI/UX design and information architecture. He helps clients remove the friction from interfaces and better organize and prioritize content so their users are engaged and happy. He’s been a WordPress enthusiast since Mingus and continues to believe that beedogs.com is the best site on the internet. No one has proven him otherwise.

Mike Hansen

Theme Hook Alliance – Benefits for Users and Developers
Mike is a WordPress Developer working on the Open Source Outreach team at Bluehost. He spends his day contributing back to the WordPress project, writing patches , and brainstorming with others on features and best practices. He loves giving back to causes that makes the world a better place.

Brandon Buttars

Migrating to WordPress
Brandon works at Avalaunch Media managing the web design division. He’s worked with many different content management systems throughout the years and has always come back to WordPress. He’s been using WordPress since version 1.5. He’s a CSS and HTML Ninja and has an extensive background in SEO and technical web site optimization. When he’s not nerding out, he’s at home with his wife and his 3 little boys.

Ryan Sullivan

Best Practices for WordPress Site Ownership and Management
I’m Ryan Sullivan, and I’m a big fan of WordPress. I’m lucky enough to be the guy who started WP Site Care. My background in the corporate world as a sysadmin for electronic health records was an ideal launching pad that has let me live my dream of being an entrepreneur, while keeping people’s websites safe, secure, and easy to use. I caught the open source bug in 2009, and I haven’t looked back since. My affinity for bacon is surpassed only by my affinity for my three awesome sons and my amazing wife. Utah is the beautiful state that I get to call home.

Patrick Cox

Responsify’ your existing WordPress blog in 40 mins or less – no plugins required!
Patrick is a designer and UI developer that is passionate about creating better user experiences. As a UX Designer at Instructure he designs application interfaces, but on the side he loves to design and build WordPress sites for freelance clients.

Bryan Petty

Finding the Perfect Themes and Plugins
Holding the title of “WordPress Developer” at Bluehost as part of the Open Source Outreach team, Bryan works full-time on WordPress core, contributing patches, and providing support to the WordPress community. He is very passionate about open source software, has mentored students in the Google Summer of Code program 4 years in a row, and is also an official developer on the wxWidgets open source project.

Jessica Barnard

How to Rock Client/Designer Relationships
Jessica got her start as a designer working in the graphics department of a magazine publishing firm, and decided to swap print for PHP in 2008. Since then Jessica has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of women on custom WordPress websites, and specializes in commercial child theme development for the Genesis Theme Framework.

Rebecka Hathaway

Uploading and Optimizing Images
I’ve been the owner/operator at Hathaway Signs for many years. I began designing and installing WordPress sites in 2006 for clients and for my own enterprises. You can see my different online businesses at RebeckaHathaway.com. Take a peek at the chalkboard art in the blog while you’re there. What a wonderful time this is to be an artist and make a living doing what you love. I live in Northern Utah, on the edge of the hill next to the big field of cows. I’m an artist, writer, dog walker and geek-girl. Love coffee and Jr. Mints, starting new projects and telling people that their business needs a website.

Josh Harr

Back to Front : Implementing Admin as a Theme
Josh Harr is the CEO of Spot Travel which he started early in 2013. Previously he was the CTO at Linux Networx, a local company that reached $40M in revenue before its acquisition by Silicon Graphics. He also obtained a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at BYU. He’s an avid traveler, having spent at least a month on every continent except Antarctica.

Chris Reynolds

WordPress i18n
Chris is a freelance WordPress developer who got his start back around WordPress 2.6 hacking themes. He helped organize the internationalization effort while working with Event Espresso — a premium WordPress event management plugin. Currently he writes and produces courses for the developer training site Pluralsight, focussing specifically on WordPress-related development topics.

Becky Davis

E-Commerce in WordPress
Becky is a WordPress theme developer/designer in Chicago. She runs the Northside Chicago WordPress meetup and is a regular presenter on web design and WordPress at SCORE Chicago.