WordCamp Topics?

Edit: We have our speakers for this year but we’re always open to more ideas!

We’re looking for speakers, and those speakers are looking for topics. What would you like to learn about this year?

We’d love to have something for everyone, so please comment with your ideas, and ask your potential WordCamper friends to do the same. Cheers!

10 thoughts on “WordCamp Topics?

  1. There are several things I would like to learn more about.
    1. WordPress Security and how to prevent spam injection.
    2. WordPress cacheing.
    3. How to set up git with WordPress
    4. WordPress Multisite, especially with ecommerce.
    Also how to use the Theme Customizer.

  2. I’m not sure what the THA is, but it sounds interesting, especially if THA is a means for building my own themes.

  3. Being totally NEW to WordPress, any easily understood topic would be appreciated! I don’t need complex stuff…..yet. I would absolutely LOVE it if someone would walk me through the steps of setting up a Child Theme (my parent is TwentyTwelve). My skills aren’t good enough to follow the instructions on wordpress.org (though I have downloaded it, and read through it numerous times, feeling very inept 🙂

    I need all the basic skills (beyond working from the dashboard, which I pretty much have the basics after 2 months of trial and error on my own). Welcome topics for me will be: widgets, plug ins, customizing some pages with right sidebar and other pages WITHOUT the sidebar; changing the font size of the tag line under the site title; options to change size and positioning of home page header picture; how to remove “proudly powered by WordPress” from footer; a plug in that actually works for additional fonts (e.g. AR BERKLEY font); how to change the title on the map of my content page; information RE webmaster tools; SEO tips that a newbie can follow — to mention just a few topics on my wish list.

  4. How about creating and tracking users and payments for those users (not WP users, bug credentials for a different site)?

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